Exception if subscriber is already active


I am using sample for for c# to add new subscriber. Is there any way to raise exception if the subscriber is already active in a list?



Ken Ken, 3 years ago

Hi Rizwan,

Since I know you use our .NET Wrapper, before you add the subscriber, you will want to call the Get subscribers details method first (https://github.com/campaignmonitor/createsend-dotnet/blob/master/createsend-dotnet/Subscriber.cs#L16).

If the email address doesn't belong in the list, then you will get a 203 Subscriber not in list exception thrown, so you can proceed and add the email address. If you get a SubscriberDetail object back, you will want to check the State property. If it is Active, then you can throw your exception.

I hope that makes! Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

rhkiyani, 3 years ago

Thanks Ken for the answer in detail. It worked!

Here's what I ended up.

Subscriber subscriber = new Subscriber(auth, listid);

try {
  SubscriberDetail sub_detail = new SubscriberDetail();
  sub_detail = subscriber.Get("email");
  lbl_message.Text = sub_detail.State.ToString();
catch (CreatesendException ex) {
  ErrorResult error = (ErrorResult)ex.Data["ErrorResult"];
  if (error.Code == "203") {
catch (Exception ex) {
  //general exception


Ken Ken, 3 years ago

Awsome Rizwan! I'm glad you worked it out.


jamesfrank, 2 years ago

This looks like 70-646 email cloaking, and this may be being achieved through javascript. I would suspect this as the problem: perhaps try removing these <a>'s and see if you get further.

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