Pulling back all active subscribers, but not in groups of 1000

I am wanting to compare one of my lists active subscribers with a list I maintain internally, just to be sure they are in sync. It appears that the API cannot simply give me a list of all subscribers in a list, but forces me to do so in grps of 1000, by page.

Is there any way to get back all of the subscribers in one result set?


wotaen, 2 years ago

You always get the total number of subscribers. So not one API query, but X queries, where X is ceil(<count> / 1000).

If you need a hand, I can show you...


drpudding, 2 years ago

Sure, an example would be nice. I am not using the API in the context of any pagination. I just need to get all the subscribers back in one bulk list for a report I'm generating. So this is the code I currently have, which looks back 1 yr:

$result = $wrap->get_active_subscribers(date('Y-m-d', strtotime('-365 days')), 1, 1000);

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