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Hey guys,

I am coming from a B2C background where the first rule of engagement is that you only email people who signed up to your communication in some ways. Best practise. Easy.

I am just starting a job in B2B and I don't really know much yet about this environment. I am looking at softwares like Salesloft that B2B companies are using to gather people who might be interested in their services.
Salesloft won several awards being innovative, they pride themselves on building high-quality prospect lists. Big companies like IBM or Oracle are using them. Yet I couldn't find a single article, forum comment etc. on why is using a list building software like that is bad. I see the merit on collecting more information about prospects for a 1on1 sales talk, it just makes the work of every sales person easier if they have more intel.
But for email marketing...
Is it just me who thinks that this goes against the main principle of permission based email marketing? Is it technically illegal to send to a such list in most countries? (USA excluded as they have an opt-out policy)

Or is this different in the B2B scene? It feels this is more accepted or even encouraged.
What is your take on this?

jamessmart jamessmart, 3 years ago

Hi sbi85, thanks for your question!

In regards to the use of 3rd party data that has not expressly opted in to receive your emails, we would completely agree with you there!

In our experience we do always see high bounce rates and spam complaints from 3rd party lists, as well as seriously low engagement. In the long run, emailing people who do not recognise your brand/company without direct permission is detrimental to sender reputation and really affects the success of your campaigns.

In terms of legality, whilst including a clear and easy opt-out method would make emails sent to such lists CAN-SPAM compliant, we take things a little further with our own permission policies as we believe so strongly in the sending of campaigns that recipients have opted in to receive.

As such, you will find that we do not permit sending to lists sourced from 3rd parties such as SalesLoft and only permit sending to opt-in, permission based lists, regardless of whether they are for B2B or B2C purposes.

That's not to say that approach can't be successful for your company and with alternative vendors, it's just that those kind of lists aren't right for us as a whitelisted, permission based ESP :)

You can read more about that here:

The old adage of quality over quantity is especially true in email marketing and in our experience, cultivating a healthy and organic opt-in list yields better results than sourcing a large but un-engaged list of addresses that may not want nor expect to hear from you.

You can check out a lovely infographic of some of the dos and don'ts of email delivery over at Small Business Trends here!

There are also some great articles over at OptinMonster and HubSpot which go into greater detail in regards to the pitfalls of using a purchased or 3rd party list.

I hope that answers your question! Have a good one :)

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