Pending Approval Block is BS

I have had an account with Campaign Monitor since 2007 is fantastic standing. I am always very careful on clients who add to their lists. I have one client who has been in the 25K-50K threshold for years, their list has been around 38K for the last year or two.

We just launched a brand new site and about to send our list to Launch our Black Friday sale and added a few thousand more people who have signed up at our brick and mortar retail store the last few months and I get blocked from sending.

Seriously, WTF with a list that size and a small addition and that blocks us. we are going to miss are F'n one day sale over this and there is nothing we can do about it...

I can't even delete those people and get sending rights again. This is absolute garbage. it is costing us thousands and thousands of dollars every hour we can't send.

campaign monitor has no problem charging my credit card for up to 50,000 people each and every month.

Absolutely fed up and ready to take my marketing agency to another provider if this is not resolved ASAP

Stephen, 3 years ago

Hi pardus,

Thanks for raising this and apologies for any delays here!

As you mention, your client's approval was triggered because those additional subscribers did just push them into the next approval tier, so our Compliance team did just need to quickly review permission, however their campaign was approved within half an hour of receiving the approval request, and so you or your client will be able to send this out asap now :)

Thanks again for your patience here and do let us know if you have any other questions!

pardus, 3 years ago

Thank you... I started looking for help in knowledge base and saw other posts of people saying 4 days for approval.  I was freaking out. The other issue it appears and maybe should be articulated or pointed out is that if you create a new list in the monthly plan and there are duplicates amongst lists, they all get counted toward your total. If you have a pay as you go account, it doesn't count like that, even in send limits. I would request that you take the actual unique emails and only use that towards your total. I have 46,000 on this account but 7000 of those are duplicates that are counting to my total.

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