Anti-spam laws - location. How does this work?

Hey guys,

Let's assume that the email marketing strategy is based on the country's anti-spam laws. So no separate opt-in required to US people, but required for UK people and the email programmes are handled differently as a result.

And here is the question:
How can you determine which country's law applies if you cannot reliably determine where the email recipient is residing? IP address is pretty unreliable. If the form has a country question and people lie, who is held accountable? Me as I am sending the email or person who has given me false information?

Thanks for any comments

Redferret, 3 years ago

If you want a list that has a consistent quality, you'll need to ensure they are all treated the same. Therefore if you can't determine the country, go double opt-in and add an unsubscribe link to everything

Gmail app apologist
sbi85, 3 years ago

Hey Redferret,

That's the thing, I would have multiple lists with separated business processes.
So let's assume it this way. What would be the answer then?

MaddisonHutson, 2 years ago

What is the best way to stop email spam? I am getting so much its annoying! companies like when you sign up to there news letter, you get constant emails from them!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

@sbi85 - Sorry to chime in so late. In my opinion, your best bet is to follow the terms of your (reputable) email provider and make sure you apply best practices, like ensuring all subscribers have opted in, honoring unsubscribes automatically and more. Inevitably, not getting permission from recipients will affect your sender reputation amongst both ISPs and email services, regardless of what country you're sending into.

@MaddisonHutson - Have you tried unsubscribing? If this doesn't work and it's a UK business, you can certainly report this to the ICO.

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MaddisonHutson, 2 years ago

I have yes! OK Thanks for the advice, I will send them an email telling them to stop or I will report them, See what happens :)

MarcyArgy, 10 months ago

@maddisonHutson having EXACTLY the same problem with similar sites here in the UK. Wow Free Stuff don't seem to respond to unsubscribe requests and I have a feeling it's the same company as online freebies site Gratisfaction, because their unsubscribe option is broken too. Going to need a new email address I think.

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