Subscriber count doesn't match graph

Can anyone explain how the subscriber graph is calculated? It doesn't seem to match any of the subscriber numbers. In the worse case example the graph figure is 22% higher than active subscriber count.

CarolinaE, 2 years ago

Hello there Rhydian,

Thanks for getting in touch with us today!

This can sometimes happen when there has been some manual processing of subscribers or when subscribers have been added through the API. Not a worry, though - I've gone in and forced the lists to recount so that the numbers in the graph and on the list page match up.

Sorry for the troubles here! Let us know if you have any questions - we're always happy to help :)

Rhydian, 2 years ago

Thanks, that makes a lot more sense!

As two of my subscriber lists are entirely populated by the API, is something that will keep going out of sync, or just a historic issue? Obviously it's not a big problem, but it'd handy to have a quick glance of whether subscriber numbers are increasing or decreasing over time.

Rhydian, 2 years ago

To anyone who's interested, as soon as I imported more contacts the graph went out of sync again, so best to ignore it if you use the API.

nawaz777, 2 years ago

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