Delete an Unsubscribe using API

Is there any way to use the API to move unsubscribes to deletes? I'd hate to have to first move them to subscribes.


Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 2 years ago


You will need to unsuppress the email before it can be deleted and you could do this within the same call, so to minimise the risk of the email address becoming active.

The steps are:
Unsuppress the email address:
Delete the email address: (you'll need to know the list ID to complete this step)

Out of interest, why would you like to move the unsubscribes to a deleted status?

drpudding, 2 years ago

Thanks for the response. These subscribers are on a list that is set to not send to a suppression list (only remove from this list). Our business requires that we conduct unsubscribes & resubscribes verbally as part of managing client support.

Will the unsuppress, then delete strategy work in the case where there is no suppression list? I can test when I'm next at work.

As far as why -- we now have an internal email tool which we have synced up with CM, but there were many subscribers who were subscribed, then unsubscribed long before this tool came into play. Rather than merge these de-activated subscribers into our db, we are just splitting them off to another CM status so we can ignore them in our report, which checks that our internal unsubscribes jives with the CM unsubscribe list.

drpudding, 2 years ago

Confirmed. It looks like I can't unsuppress then delete if they were never unsuppressed in the first place. May have to go at these manually?

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