gmail scaling issues

I am having issues with scaling on the Gmail app. When images are enabled, the email renders in desktop view. To illustrate this, I have included screenshots from both a native email app, and the Gmail app. Is there a way to get Gmail to display responsive designs correctly, or are we stuck with the desktop view?

Native app

Gmail app

Hey mate,
Gmail strips out the head, rendering your <head> style tags and media queries useless.

So, unfortunately you're stuck with the desktop view in Gmail.
I have seen some people try to get around this with a different approach to building emails. Best to Google for those links, don't have any on hand sorry.

But remember to add a 'min-width:*enter email width here*' to an element near the top of your email that spans the entire width of your email.
For example, I put mine on the very first cell inside the first table directly following my "view online link". Usually it's a banner, which 99% of the time spans the entire width of my emails, so I slap on a style="min-width:600px or 660px (whatever your email width is);".

Gmail loves to try and make your email responsive for you and this results in wonky looking emails like a scaled downed header image, but full width content.
Adding the min-width stops Gmail from doing this, resulting in a somewhat continued, pleasurable experience.


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