Suggestion: hideable content


Having used both Campaign Monitor and Mail Chimp, there is one MC templating feature which I really miss in CM: the ability to make elements within a template hideable.

For example, image a template with a section at the bottom including sponsors logos, which is required in some campaigns but not others. In Mail Chimp this element could be marked up with the "hideable" attribute, allowing the client to remove it for specific campaigns.

In Campaign Monitor the only way to achieve the same thing is to create two separate templates, one with the logos and one without.

Stephen, 3 years ago

Hey jnicol    ,

Many thanks for raising this with us, it's a great question, however just to confirm, this is achievable with us, also, by just creating a layout item in your template which contains the content in question :)

By adding this content into your layout item, you then have the choice of adding this to your campaign or not; if you'd like to insert this content, you'd just jump into the editor, choose the layout item in question, then add it, however if you don't wish to include it, then you're all set as is :)

So please take a look at our layout documentation and do let us know if you have any other questions regarding this, and we'll be happy to help!

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