How to create an exclusive list?

Client sent a blast to List A.
Client wants to send to List B.

List B overlap with List A subscribers.

How can I create a segment/new list with only those on list B that did not get the original blast (those included in List A)?

Since they are separate lists, I don't see how to use segment rules based upon activity from previous campaign.

Thanks for suggestions.

davidaf davidaf, 3 years ago

Hi Makason,

Since individual lists are treated as separate entities, there's not really a built in way to exclude the subscribers on one list from another list in a send. What you can do is either create a temporary master list to make segments with, or import List B into List A and then make your segments on List A.

That being said, I've added a vote for you for the ability to create a segment that excludes people that exist on other lists.

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