Forwarding html emails, huge problem!

Anyone ever try to forward a marketing email to someone else? It just completely falls apart!

SmartMeetings, 9 years ago

Are you using the forward to friend link?  It is a service they offer, it will keep your layouts from falling apart like they do when you email forward.

Just add the below link in your campaign somewhere.  You can customize it with style.

<forwardtoafriend>Click here to forward!</forwardtoafriend>

Here is an example in one of our campaigns, just scroll to the bottom and click forward to a friend

edm203, 9 years ago

No, most people don't have forward to a friend. So if they try to forward emails to other people themselves, it just completely loses formatting.

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

edm203, unfortunately many email clients will break HTML formatting when it's forwarded; there isn't that much you can do about it. If the emails were initially sent through Campaign Monitor your best bet would be to do what SmartMeetings suggested above and include the <forwardtoafriend> tag and encourage its use.

D. Potter
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