Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Migration Help

I have searching a lot on how to migrate from Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 and all i have come out with are paid third party tools.

Is there any other method to help me accomplish the same or do i have no other option other than to spend my money for it?

paulw paulw, 3 years ago

Hey Chris, thanks for posting in the forums! If you need to move your subscribers from Apple Mail to Outlook, you may need to convert the Apple contacts file .vcf to a CSV, so you can import it in to Outlook. There's a useful tool for converting .vcf files  here . Just select CSV for the Format drop down menu. You can find some instructions on how to import those contacts into Outlook here. Hope that can help :)

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Kurtis Call, 3 years ago

Do you have:
Any IMAP accounts?
Any Exchange accounts?
Any POP accounts?
Any email stored locally?

Chris Demuri, 3 years ago

I didn't mention earlier but im not very high on technical stuff. Is there any easier method that doesnt take all this sort of knowledge.

Kurtis Call, 3 years ago

In that case you should make use of 3rd party paid applications.

One that i can recommend is Mail Exporter Pro.

pearlkle, 3 years ago

Affordable third party application that can very easily transfer all emails or data of Apple Mail to the various mail client like Netscape, PocoMail, Thunderbird, Spicebird, Opera, PowerMail, Claws Mail etc to Windows Outlook PST files.

Read More Info:- … erter.html

ingvilla, 3 years ago

I came across a free tool:

Hope it helps.

However, i would recommend mail exporter pro as a paid option

Developer at ingvilla

KachinaJerry, 2 years ago


Few days ago I was also thinking same but after trying manual method I came to know that manual method is not good enough method as it does not provide us assurance for successful mail conversion. Moreover there are complete chances of data loss during file conversion process. To perform successful mail conversion with no data loss you must opt for a professional mac mail to Outlook converter software like Stellar Apple Mail to Outlook converter tool.

zorastalin, 2 years ago

Using IMAP is the simplest and free method to migrate Apple mail to MS Outlook. For that you need to configure a Gmail account in Apple mail with IMAP. Now move required emails to a new folder in this way you will get these Apple Mail in Gmail account. Finally Configure the same Gmail account with MS Outlook 2011.

If you are not able to process above method or have a number of mailboxes to export then, an Apple Mail to Outlook converter can be utilized. Download and try free edition of the tool.

james wold, 1 year ago

Hey Chris,

You may also try Mail Extractor Pro an Apple Mail to Pst Converter which will convert your apple mail to outlook with in no time.

Read more: … r-for-mac/

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