Email for clients that don't have a website

Is it possible/feasible to set up email marketing for clients that don't have a website? I'm pitching digital marketing services to local businesses that aren't ready for a website yet, and am thinking about adding email to the mix.


ericam ericam, 3 years ago

Hey Carey!

Thanks for getting touch!  If your clients have subscribers and recent permission to email them in this way, this is definitely something you can do. I would start, first, by buying a domain for the client to use for their email address.

They'll need a domain to send from, although this doesn't necessarily mean a website. When you use Campaign Monitor, you're sending from our server but claiming to be from your email address. This is okay as long it's it truly your business' email address because then, you make the rules and can say who can send on your behalf and who can't. A free email service doesn't allow for this (they'll just bounce or go to spam.)

So for a client with no website, you could even just buy a domain (it costs only a few bucks a year) and set up an email address Inmotion Hosting is an excellent host where you can purchase a domain for like $15/year and they have excellent support to help you get things set up!

Erica M | Support | Admin

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