Selective RSS to Email Mailings

Hello, I make regular updates to my website, which are fine to be in my RSS feed for those who care to subscribe and see them all.  However I'd like to send out only selective and irregular mailings that are a subset of that larger body of work.

In other words, I don't want to mail out every post or even ones on a regular basis.  I only want to mail out ones that I feel are particularly topical or have some significance that I can expand upon.

Is this possible?  The RSS to Email setup seems to only allow a pre-scheduled setup.

Thanks, D

balthazar balthazar, 2 years ago

Great question, Darren! Yes, instead of doing an automatic recurring RSS campaign, what you're looking for here is RSS one-click content. With RSS one-click content you can pick and choose which specific posts you want to include. I hope that helps!

aditya31, 1 year ago

thanks for the answer, was looking forward this this.

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