Font issue in Outlook

I have created my own template based on a table. In the css I have set the default font as Verdana, but have used different fonts for headings (Times New Roman) and for the header and footer (Arial). The fonts appear fine in the preview and, for example, in Googlemail. However in Outlook 2007 my greeting line (which is a multiline function in one row in the table) appears in Times New Roman and not in Verdana. The font is the correct colour and size (i.e. different from any of the h tags). There is nothing in the html or css that I can see is causing the issue. The next multiline function appears fine.
As a lot of folks use Outloook I have tried everything I can think of to rectify this, but without success. Does anyone have any ideas?

jmp909, 2 years ago

can you post your code for that section (on pastebin maybe)? this sounds like a nesting error or an incorrect definition.

Erwann31, 2 years ago

On Outlook, the text font doesn't inherit of div or body font styles when it's in the table.
You must spécify the fonts properties to all the TD.

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