Editor palette in weird position when table align left.

I am creating an email template with two layout types to choose from.

Layout 1: a 500 width table box with image, title and paragraph.
Layout 2. a 250 width table box with image, title and paragraph.

The idea of these layouts is so the user can have either a full width article  (Layout 1) of two smaller articles side by side (Layout 2).

The titles on these layouts is also being used in a <tableofcontents>.

The issue I am having is getting 'Layout 2' to sit side by side. It works perfectly if I use <table align="left" > but this makes the editor in Campaign monitor act weird. The mini palette with the (delete, move, duplicate etc) buttons does not sit in the correct place on the page.

Please help.

davidaf davidaf, 2 years ago

Hi mactedder,

Unfortunately, yes, the align='left' on the table will make the editor act strangely. Would it be possible to instead have a 500px width table with two 250px wide columns to substitute for the side-by-side articles?

The floating tables will also cause issues in Outlook 2007+ they won't appear side by side, but will stack instead - using conditional comments to place a 'stabilizing' table around the floated tables is usually the answer, but wouldn't work well in a layout type format.

For that reason, I think that the best way to go is a simple two column table for layout 2. I know it's probably not what you are looking for, but I think it might be the simplest answer in this case. :)

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