Pricing for DRIP campaign with Pay-per-Campaign?

If I set up a a series of, say 5 DRIP emails so that when someone subscribes to MyCourse, and i'm paying per-campaign, I assume the billing would be:

Each Email is considered one Campaign.
$5/campaign x 5 campaigns = $25  + $.01  per email x 5 emails per person

Do I have that right?

MrAnalogy, 2 years ago

And I assume if I just "let this ride" then if I have 1,000 people sign up in the next 2 years (assuming nothing else changes) then I'd pay $25 at the start and then $.05  x $1000 over that 2 years, right?

MrAnalogy, 2 years ago

And... another way to do this:

I have one big list (about 40k subscribers) and am starting some small drip campaigns.
But I do not send out to the big list very often (maybe a few times per year)

I assume if I am monthly based on # of subscribers that it's the TOTAL subscribers in all of m lists, correct?

Carissa Carissa, 2 years ago

Hi MrAnalogy, the pricing for our autoresponders is a bit different. Since they are one-off emails, we don't charge you the sending fee like we do with standard campaigns. If you have chosen our 'Pay for each campaign' billing each autoresponder email would cost 1cent.

Using your example it would be:

$.01 per email x 5 emails per person x 2,000 people signing up to your course = $100

Had you chosen to be on our monthly billing plan instead, the autoresponder emails would be included in your monthly charge based on the total number of active subscriber in all of your lists (duplicates are counted).

Our help pages on billing for autoresponders should be helpful too.

If you only plan to send out standard campaigns to your 40K list a few times a year, our 'Pay for each campaign' billing may actually be cheaper for you.

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MrAnalogy, 2 years ago



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