Using Preference Center with multuple lists

I have a client who is looking into using the Preference Center to update the information on their subscribers.

The problem is, they have contacts in multiple lists, with a high probability of names being in multiple lists.

If they send out and update your preferences campaign to all lists, how can they be sure that the information is updated in all lists?

Or if it is only in one list, how can they find which list has the updated information and easily update the other lists from that?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

CarolinaE, 2 years ago

Hello there,

Thanks so much for getting in touch!

This can be a bit tricky, I'm afraid to say. Since each list is a unique entity, each list has its own Preference Center. This means if a subscriber is subscribed to multiple lists, they will have their own Preference Center for each list and have to update each accordingly.

Unfortunately, there isn't one link that would allow a subscriber to update ALL Preference Centers - they'd have to update each, one at a time from a campaign sent to from each list.
Your client would need to send a campaign to each list separately with instructions to update the Preference Center. This could definitely become a bit unwieldy for the subscribers as they may not understand that each Preference Center is a different entity so information may not be updated.

One way to help subscribers avoid having to update multiple Preference Centers is to create one master list, and then use custom fields and segments to break the list up. This would allow for just one Preference Center for each subscriber, as well as continue to allow your client to focus in on different subgroups of their subscriber list.

You can read more about custom fields here:
You can read more about segments here:

For information on what information can be edited by subscribers, check out:

This can also be beneficial for your client if they utilize our monthly billing plans. Since each list is a unique entity the monthly plans consider the number of active subscribers across all of your lists.

So, for example, if is on the subscriber lists Sample List 1 and Sample List 2, counts as 2 active subscribers; one for each list they appear on.

Thanks again for getting in touch! Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions - we are happy to help.

simonboak, 2 years ago

I thought that might be the case! I'll go back to them with this and see what we can do.

Many thanks,

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