Looking for Template slicer - Developer


We are a design studio in Vancouver and we are looking for a solid email template developer. We require designs sliced onto Campaign Monitor monthly. We need someone that is solid at testing and debugging and has an eye for detail. Also looking for smart feedback on our designs on what is best practices of email newsletters so that they are perfect.

We also from time to time use the dreaded monkeychimp software which we hate but clients use so experience in that is good too. But primarily we only use CM.

If your in the PST timezone even better.

If you are up to the task please send over your contact details and cost per email template. Also please let me know what a typical turnaround is a few days / two weeks?

If you want a secure place to fire over the details send them here. http://alsoknownas.ca/jobs/


goatlady goatlady, 2 years ago

Hi Jesse,

I submitted an contact form to the link you provided, but got a 404 on the thank you page so I'm not sure if it went through. If not, please let me know and I'd be happy to send my details again, or you can contact me on Skype (kay.smoljak).


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jennifer51, 2 years ago

Do you ever use TemplateToaster tool generating Template . I personally suggest you to use this tool . It provides you more then just a Template . I am using this tool from last few months and never face any problem. you can see its features here http://templatetoaster.com/nl/what-is-templatetoaster

KathyS94, 2 years ago

Hi.  My company is interested in helping with this ongoing monthly project. Our fees depend on the complexity of the design(s). kathy@sixdegreesstudio.com

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