Double opt in and multiple lists


I'm just wondering, if I were to add a new email address to two lists with double opt-in, would that send two emails to the subscriber? I'm just trying to segment the user data a little but don't want to send out 101 double opt in emails ;)



Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hi Tim,

If you are using a single form, and adding a person to two or more lists at once, then we combine the opt-in confirmations into a single email, so once click opts them in to all the lists.

You can of course just use custom fields in a single list and then segment your list based on those fields.

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timgaunt, 10 years ago

Thanks for clearing that up for me Mathew, I'm looking to use the custom fields for future management but I was asked it by the client the other day so wanted to confirm.


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