Autoresponders for each Segment in a List?

This relates to the scenario I described here:

Our readers each have one or more of several specific interests.

I'm using CM for a Drip Campaign. So when they sign up, if they have Special-Interest-X then I want to send them a series of Autoresponder emails on THAT topic.

I don't see a way to do that with Segments, so it sounds like I should do that with additional Lists.

So they'd all be in :
Primary List
and then anyone who wants the special information would also sign up for (check the box for)
- SecondaryList1  -> and get several autoresponder emails
- SecondaryList 2  -> and get several autoresponder emails

Does that sound right?

Any better way of doing it?

MrAnalogy, 2 years ago



It occurred to me that you might have filtering on the Autoresponders.
And YEP, you have it by Segment.

So... I could have a bunch of Autoresponders but have some set to only go to certain segments.

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