Incremental Sending of Campaign. Possible?

Trying to send to a client server that will not allow more than 100 emails from the same recipient per hour.
Is there a way to snd a campaign incrementally?
For example, send 100 emails per hour to a campaign of 2000 recipients?
Can't find a workaround. Help appreciated if other users managed it.

ericam ericam, 2 years ago

Hey there,

Thank you for getting in touch and sorry about the trouble!

At the moment, I'm afraid we don't have any easy tool which you can use to stagger the send, the best way to set this up, would be to create 20 or so segments of subscribers and then send the campaign to each segment manually. We have some information on segments here: .

This is something that other customers have mentioned in the past and as such I have gone ahead and added a vote on your behalf to our feature wish list. If we are able to go ahead with that, we'll be able to let you know.

Erica M | Support

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