Outlook 2007 Enlarges Header Images

I have coded a pretty straightforward HTML newsletter and it renders OK in most clients except Outlook 2007. For some unknown reason, the header image (an absolute link) is expanded about 50% so that the tables under it, which are the specified size of 600px, are indented from the top table's image which is also 600px wide.

The other images render at their original size. What's up with the header image? I have also seen this happen with other newsletters I subscribe to.

Is there a setting in the client or do I need some magic pixie dust for Outlook 2007?

Thanks for any help on this one!


Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi tugboat, that's an odd one. Could you post a screen shot and your code? Do you have the image dimensions in the HTML?

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Nick G, 9 years ago

Always designate your image height and width on the img tag itself, either in plain html or both html and css. If you do not add this to your images outlook 2007 will randomly stick width's and heights on them.

Also could you remove the px values behind your widths and heights, as like <img width="100" height="50" src="" alt="" border="0" />

Outlook seems to not understand basic html widht and heights when typed as <img width="100px" height="50px" src="" alt="" border="0" />

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Nick is right, the 'px' is not valid in HTML attributes in that way, and we've seen it cause some odd resizing issues in the past.

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