Gmail is cutting off my basic template HTML e-mail

Hi There. I am a long time MailChimp user and now I am trying CM. I have created and sent two campaigns already and I have several issues I need to help with:

1) I am using one of the basic templates provided and my HTML e-mail is trimmed out in gmail. I googled it out and it looks like gmail is cutting off all HTML e-mails larger than 102kb (only raw html code counting). I believe the generated code shouldnt be bigger than that.

Since there is no option in CM to export existing campaign to HTML and look inside the code (at least I havent found it) I wondered what to do. I tried to display raw source in my Apple mail app and it looked TERRIBLE. 336KB of mess and some error tags like

<w:LsdException Locked=3D"false" Priority=3D"63" SemiHidden=3D"false"
   UnhideWhenUsed=3D"false" Name=3D"Medium Shading 1 Accent 4"/>

I dont know wether this is original message from CM or my e-mail app messed it up already.

Nevertheless why is HTML e-mail sent from CM so big? This wasnt an issue with MailChimp and for our users this is a big issue.

2) Our e-mails from CM are bounced from main Czech free e-mail provider "". Its about 20% of our database. I believe this has something to do with the point 1) above and e-mail is marked as spam/too-large via their mail server. Again this never happened to our campaigns sent with MailChimp.

Why is generated HTML e-mail so big? Is there some sort of error on my side? What should I do? Is there any way to download HTML source of the sent campaign? Is it normal to have CM campaigns trimmed out in gmail?

Carissa Carissa, 2 years ago

Hi Macejkou,

I'm sorry for the clipped message in Gmail and higher numbers of bounces! I can explain all of the factors I've found in my investigation and I'll get in contact with you over email so that we can find a way to set things right.

The images which you've added to the campaign add up to 221.2 KB so those contributed a good portion of the size threshold, I'm afraid. We have a great blog post on tools you can use to reduce the size of your images with as little quality loss as possible that may be a big help to you.

The extraneous code that you uncovered was pasted in from Word when you were creating the campaign, I'm afraid. We seem to have unknowingly opened up a way in which it is possible to paste Microsoft's proprietary code into our email builder.

I've reported it to our developers who will find a fix for this so that no one else is able to accidentally paste in Word code.

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