Subscriber De-activation Reason in Webhook Post?

Hi everyone,

The API Webhooks documentation states that the subscriber 'deactivate' event is triggered:

-When subscribers are moved to an inactive state on the "Manage Subscriber List" or "Edit Subscriber" pages
- When subscribers unsubscribe by clicking an unsubscribe link
- When subscribers unsubscribe using the Preference Center
- When a spam complaint is reported by a subscriber
- When a hard bounce occurs for a subscriber
- When subscribers are unsubscribed using the Campaign Monitor API

The webhook JSON then contains these two fields:

"Type": "Deactivate"
"State": "Unsubscribed"

Are these fields always the same regardless of which of the events above occurred? In other words, is there any way to tell whether the deactivation happened as a result of hard bounce or the subscriber clicking on an unsubscribe link?

I'm working on a custom Campaign Monitor integration with Salesforce and would like to track whether a subscriber was deactivated due to a bounce or due to other reasons. I'm aware there are Lists API calls which return the list of bounced vs unsubscribed subscribers, but having to use these would unnecessarily complicate my application flow and require extra API calls and results processing which I'd prefer to avoid if possible.

Many thanks in advance.

Mercer, 2 years ago

Hi again, PixelNinja! Another great question! There are a number of different "states" that subscribers can be in: Active, Unsubscribed, Bounced, and Deleted. These will reflect depending on which action the individual took (or you took) to unsubscribe them from the list. If you deleted them, for example, the state will show as deleted. If the email bounced, it will show as bounced.

I hope this helps!

PixelNinja, 2 years ago

Thanks for your response, Mercer. So if the subscriber bounces, the webhook post would contain these two fields?

"Type": "Deactivate"
"State": "Bounced"

The documentation doesn't mention the different states and bouncing a subscriber is not particularly easy to test, so I'd like to be sure about it. Any chance someone from CM could confirm?

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