Subscriber Update Webhook Configuration

Hi everyone,

The API documentation says that the subscriber update webhook gets fired when:

- When subscribers have their details updated on the "Edit Subscriber" page
- When existing subscribers are re-imported from file
- When subscribers update their details from the Preference Center
- When existing subscribers are re-added or updated using the Campaign Monitor API

Is it possible to configure the webhook (e.g. during its creation process) to fire only when one or more of these events occurs?

Specifically, I'd like to prevent the update webhook from being triggered when the subscriber is re-added/updated using the CM API. The reason is that I'm sending data from Salesforce to Campaign Monitor whenever a contact is updated in Salesforce and vice-versa from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce whenever a subscriber is updated in Campaign Monitor. Since an update in one system triggers an update in the other, this results in a never-ending back and forth update loop.

Many thanks.

Mercer, 2 years ago

Hi there PixelNinja,

Thanks for the great question! You can manage all of your webhooks using our lists API, specifically I think the de-activate webhook option might be a good place to start.

I hope this helps, but please let me know if there is anything else that I can shed light on!

PixelNinja, 2 years ago

Hi Mercer,

Thanks for your response, I appreciate it. My question is not related to the de-activation webhook. It's regarding the subscriber update webhook. I know how to create it and it's working well. What I would like to know is if it's possible to configure it, so that it doesn't fire for specific triggers, such as the subscriber being updated via API, but still triggers for other type of subscriber updates, such as the subscriber manually updating their subscription preferences.

If you could shed some light on that, that'd be awesome!

Many thanks in advance.

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