New customer questions

Hi there,

I'm looking to use this system to send out emails to our (webshop) customers. I have a couple of questions before we decide to use this system, hope you can help us out here:

1. Is there a way to get the checkboxes in the Subscribe form to be checked by defauklt? We'd like people to select which categories they want to receive newsletters about. It seems to be not ticked by default.
2. Is there a simple way to have a link in the email that allows the customer to edit his preferences?

Looking forward to a reply.

Thanks in advance!


Carissa Carissa, 2 years ago

Hi Dave! Thanks for letting us know you're interested in Campaign Monitor!

There is a way to makes your checkboxes ticked by default. In order to do this you'll need to use our HTML Subscribe Form and then include the 'checked' attribute for each checkbox input within the code, as explained here.

It's not possible to make checkboxes ticked by default on our other types of subscribe forms.

There is a simple way to include a link within an email which directs the subscriber to your list's Preference Center. If you are using our email builder to create a campaign, this is an option you'll find within the Customize tab. If you are coding your own template or campaign, you'll need to include our <preferences></preferences> tags in your HTML, explained in detail here.

If you have any other specific questions, feel free to contact our support team directly.

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