Autoresponders as people join a segement

At present, as I understand it, people in specific segments can get autoresponders, but the email itself is triggered if people join the list as a whole (or by a date, but that's not relevant for this suggestions)

It would be great to trigger an autoresponder if someone joins a particular segment.

We us the api currently to move users between lists (current, lapsed, pending etc) - each one triggers an autoresponder. I think it would be neater and more sensical to keep them all in the same list and trigger their actions by segment.

What do you think?

paulw paulw, 2 years ago

Hey there, you're absolutely right, that would be a great improvement to how the autoresponders work. I have added a vote to our feature wish list for this specific feature :) Autoresponders and automation is something we are keen to improve and if we can move forward with this, we'll be able to let you know.

One solution, that could help out would be to trigger the autoresponder using a date based custom field. You can also segment your list based on whether that date is provided. This would in effect provide you with a way to send an autoresponder to a specific segment of subscribers when they are added to that segment. See our help topic, for some info on date based autoresponders.

Thanks again!

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