How to enable 100 accounts for a Retail Store Network

Does anyone have experience with enabling an email account on CampaignMonitor as the master account and then having 100 sibling accounts for each of their retail stores? The retail store accounts need to have the email templates set up and lists managed independently and securely as each store is owned by different people/franchisees

Thanks for any help

Mercer, 2 years ago

Hey there! That's a great question. That's definitely something that people have done in the past. It seems like you might be looking for something like our agency plans:  You would want to set up each of those "sibling" accounts as clients for your main account, which could then all be managed and owned separately.

I hope this helps!

search1, 2 years ago

Hi Mercer

If we set up 100 accounts (1 for each store), is there a way we can centrally manage the templates. We do not want each store to be able to change or alter the templates. We would like to be able to control the brand. Is there a quick and simple way to load 1 email templates across 100 accounts each month so each store can tailor their promotional content yet have a standardized form. I am tying to avoid having to populate 100 accounts with the same template. Thanks in advance, Marc

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