Importing my email addresses from Apple's Address Book

I export my address book as a card no problem. However when I import into campaign monitor, any email addresses that was named with the field other than "home" do not get imported.

And I have many emails that are  in each card with the field name "work" or "other"

How do I get around this problem?

Have not been able to find relevant help documentation...



Mercer, 2 years ago

Hey Gregory!

I actually just responded to your email, but thought I should respond here as well just in case. :] This is a great question! Apple Contacts/Address Book doesn't appear to export directly as a CSV which might be what is causing the trouble. There was a similar question about groups brought up here: Would you mind providing us with just a bit more information about how you are exporting this?


GregoryBee, 2 years ago

Hi Mercer,
First I want to say that I am VERY impressed at how quickly CM 's  support team contacted me and kept a conversation alive until issue was resolved. I have rarely seen this level of attention with online web services, so thanks!

With your help I resolved my export / import issues with Apple's Address Book by purchasing a third party app ($5) from the Apple App store called "Export Address Book"

It allowed me to create a CSV file and then I was able to import my contacts into CM smoothly and with the control options of delegating fields.

Thanks Again!


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