Send email each time a user completes an action

Using the API is it possible to send an email to a specific user each time the user completes a specific action on our site? We know the user's name and email address so that information can be passed to the API.

Looking at the docs I think we could use an autoresponder to send an email the first time a user completes an action, but this wouldn't work the next time the user completes the same action because they will already be on the distribution list. So I don't think this would achieve what we're looking to do.

Maybe we could make an API call to remove the user from the list before adding them again. Would this trigger the autoresponder?

It's possible that we're trying to use Campaign Monitor in a way that it's not designed.

balthazar balthazar, 2 years ago

Hey Simon! This will indeed be a bit tricky to accomplish at present. We're working on lots of exciting stuff with automation, though, that would make something like this possible and I've added a vote for you for that so that we can let you know when the app is updated with these features :)

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