Re-add unsubscribers

One of our clients has asked if there is any way people who have unsubscribed from their newsletters in the past can be put back on their mailing list - they've been contacted by a few customers who've admitted unsubscribing, but are now regretting doing so.

I've told them that I doubt this is possible, but if it was, then due to the permission-based nature of Campaign Monitor, at the very least it would have to be done by a means whereby that person physically chooses to add his/her email address back onto a mailing list.

With that in mind, would it be within the rules of Campaign Monitor if we were to put one of the CM-created subscription forms up on the web, to which our client could direct customers that now wish to go back on the list, compile those people into a new list and send new mailings to those people alongside the list they originally unsubscribed from?

Apologies if I'm asking something blindingly obvious!

Mercer, 2 years ago

Hey there! That's a great question. :] They could actually just go about re-adding them themselves as long as they have the permission to do so. You can read about how to do this here: So, no need to go through the trouble of recreating a subscription form and directing them there.

I hope this helps!

resoundcreative resoundcreative, 2 years ago

The article Mercer referenced is spot on for re-subscribing people who've give you explicit permission to do so.

You can also direct them to a subscribe form where they can re-subscribe themselves.

And one more idea: whenever someone unsubscribes, send them an email notification that they've unsubscribed and include a link to resubscribe, in case they change their minds.

—Mike Jones
Creative Director & Partner at Resound Creative

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