Forums v2: We want to hear your opinion

Hi there, everyone!

This is Ros, the Community Manager at Campaign Monitor here. We're planning some big changes to our forums in the coming months, so would like to get your feedback on how we can make it easier to find answers and share information amongst email marketing pros like yourself. All we need is 3 minutes of your time to share your thoughts with us:


What's changing?

In May/June, we'll be migrating our forums to a new platform which will make it easier to ask questions, post code snippets and participate in discussions on a wider variety of design and marketing topics than before. It's our aim to take our forums to the next level, by providing new options for interacting with our community, as well as make it easier for our team to respond to your posts.

While your login details should not change, you will see significant changes to your forums profile, as well as a new and improved interface.

We need your help

The forums would not be a vibrant community without your input, so we're giving you the opportunity to tell us how we can make it an enjoyable and informative place to be. After completing the survey, we'll also be inviting you to talk with us personally, if you'd like to further share your thoughts on what forums v2 should look like.


Thank you so much - I look forward to providing further updates soon!

ingvilla, 2 years ago

Thanks for making the community so helpful. It would be awesome if we get a new interface. Every user must take this survey....

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

Hi ingvilla, I totally agree - we'd really appreciate everyone's input here! The good news is that we're currently working on relaunching the forums, based on the feedback we've received so far. You'll not only see a refreshed interface, but be able to post your own articles of interest, message other members and more. We're very excited about it here and hope to share more details with you soon.

Get in touch with us on Twitter:
We're also on Facebook:
aditya31, 2 years ago

yeah, we demand a new interface. more simple than this if it not to much to ask :)

kairav22, 2 years ago

what about a generic forum cms? this forum looks like too clean, sometimes I take much time looking how to do something here.

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