Bulletproof buttons not working on outlook 2007


I am trying my hand at using your bulletproof buttons, however they do not display at all on outlook 2007.

Seems like it's an issue, because even in your welcome email, where you ask to verify clicking the button below, I can't find any button to click on (nor an hidden link).

Any clue? Thanks!


Carissa Carissa, 2 years ago

Hi Andrea,

I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to see the button within the Welcome email that we sent! I'm afraid that I can't replicate the problem after signing up for a new account and viewing the Welcome email in Outlook 2007.

Here is how it looks with images on:

And here is how it looks with images off:https://ol2007.capture.litmuscdn.com/ee6df671-a677-49b1-ba69-455df2b4913d/results/ol2007-vertical-blocked.png

As you aren't seeing the buttons at all, it may be some content filtering on your end and we'd love to do more investigating. I've just sent you a follow-up email to get more information.

Thanks for the heads up, Andrea!

Campaign Monitor
oldisgold, 2 years ago

Hi Clarissa,

thank you for this, I just forwarded you all the relevant material I have!


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