Client can't see content in report

Has anyone else encountered this problem?  I setup report access for a client who is using a Mac (I'm on a PC).  When I test their account I see all their data however when THEY login they see a page with no images and a very basic layout (doesn't look like the CSS loaded).  A message says "No email campaigns have been sent to date. As soon as we send a campaign, you can log in here and view reports on all aspects of the campaign such as who opened it, what links they clicked on, etc."

Any ideas?

It's very odd that I login (with their username and password) and it works fine, but when they login they see something different.

Stormy Stormy, 9 years ago

Hi Uogecko,

Sounds like a strange one, have they tried clearing out their cache? ie: hitting Ctrl+F5 (not sure if this is accurate with Macs, may need to check). Do you know which browser they're using?

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uogecko, 9 years ago

Thanks Stormy, it must be a client-side issue - they've tried all the standard fixes nad are using a current version of Safari.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Uogecko,

If Stormy's great suggestion didn't work, it's usually the case that your client is putting a www. in the domain name before your sub domain. If they remove that, it should fix the problem.

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