iOS 8 <video> tag no longer working

So, I have a videographer client and we've been using the video tag in emails for awhile now. We realize the risks, but a majority of the email recipients have Macs or iPhones/iPads. For the few recipients that aren't on an Apple product, we've been using the posterframe/link fallback (that links to a website with a video embedded there).

Recently we've run into a problem. It seems that any iOS 8 device only shows the big button to play the video, but clicking it does nothing.

Initially we thought it might be from the way the video was encoded, but simply linking to the video causes it to open in mobile safari where it plays fine.

Everything works fine on a Mac and iOS up to and including (from what we can tell) iOS 7.

Greg Pare, 2 years ago

I know I'm not alone as I have found these articles relating to the problem on the web:

Apple Discussion (unanswered)


The Solution to iOS 8’s Video Problem

Greg Pare, 2 years ago

We've contacted VIMEO (where the videos are hosted on a pro account) and they say it's a problem with the service we're using to send emails (campaign monitor) and that there is something in the "code" that's preventing iOS from playing their videos. I don't think they quite understand what's going on yet, and I don't think it has anything to do with campaign monitor.

My question is, does anybody there know anything about this? Are there any workarounds? Ideally I would like iOS 8 devices to play the video in the mail client, but I suspect it's a bug with iOS 8.

Greg Pare, 2 years ago

Alternatively, is there any way to target iOS devices so they use the fallback method of a poster frame and link, while still being able to use the video tag for Macs? Here's a rough version of what we're using (everything is the same, but links aren't real).

<video controls="controls" height="338" poster="http://ourwebsite/posterframe.jpg" width="600">
    <source src="" type="video/mp4">
        <a href="http://ourwebsite/videopage"><img height="338" src="http://ourwebsite/posterframe.jpg" width="600" />
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

HI there Greg, I was really curious about this and can confirm on my end that iOS 8 no longer seems to support <video>. As you mention, this issue is independent of which service is sending the email campaigns, as evidenced by services like Movable Ink writing about it on their end.

I'm fairly stumped as to why Apple would remove support of the video tag and also disable fallback images; it seems incredibly surreal. The same code continues to work in other email clients like Postbox, so really, it's up to Apple at this point to restore this functionality to their email clients.

We'll keep an eye open, but like many email client specific issues, we may be in a jam. The alternative is to experiment with <embed> tags - these generally aren't supported well, but are the only other viable option.

As always, our recommendation is to use a preview image, then link to the video from there. Let us know how you go here :)

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Greg Pare, 2 years ago

Thanks Rosanne.

I get the feeling that Apple didn't remove it intentionally, or they would have let it default to the fallback image/link. It seems like a bug to me. And, if they ever fix it, it will still mean that there are a few versions of iOS 8 that don't support it.

Any idea where I can find info on which email clients do/don't support the <embed> tag?

Greg Pare, 2 years ago

Hmm. <embed> doesn't seem to work in or iOS, so that's out.

If anyone knows how to use the <video> tag for Macs and an image/link fallback for iOS and everything else, it would be greatly appreciated.

style campaign style campaign, 2 years ago

I tried 8.2 yesterday with an old video email and it still did nothing when I hit the play icon. The video had played pre no fix still in 8.2 from what I can tell from that quick test. Bit discouraging as there's been a couple of updates and no fix, if its a bug you'd think they would have sorted it out by now.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

From our tweets:

@CampaignMonitor I had a similar prob in web/rich media when using preload="none" changing it to preload="" worked. Just a thought...

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Greg Pare, 2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion Rosanne, but unfortunately that still doesn't work... at least, not for me? Anybody else get this working???

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