Subject Line punctuation & personalisation


How can we add a '-' or a ',' after a name when we use personalisation in the subject line?

I can add a space after [firstname, fallback=]  but that ads a space before the message so if the fall back is used it adds a space before the rest of the message

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

Hi Hugh, this is a tricky one - if no fallback is specified, there will be a " ," (space comma) at the beginning of your subject line. This is something that we may fix at a later date - in the interim, is it possible to use a fallback like "Friend", or even "Hey there"?

We'll certainly let you know if this is something we work on, sorry about the trouble!

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talvins, 2 years ago

As I'm concerned, I create a field in my ods(/xls) with punctuation and capital.

For exemple :
civ | name | first  | fusion
Mr | DOE | John | Mr John DOE, read
     | XX    |  Bob  | [empty]

And in subject :
[fusion, fallback=Read] this !

So I have :
Mr John DOE, read this !
and as fallback :
Read this !

It's laborious but it works.
Old feature request, as many other in personalization & dynamic content (why can't we choose specific recipient for test ?! Why we see all dynamic fields in full test ?!)...

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