How ConversionLab used automation to generate $120k revenue

Hey folks! Following our recent survey, we found out that many of you wanted us to share email marketing content and research via our forums - so in the lead up to our relaunch, we're going to start doing this. Keen to hear your feedback on how we can do this better, or if there's any other content you'd like to see here! You're also welcome to share your articles here too - thanks in advance for your contributions :)


So, first article I wanted to share here. Cool customers ConversionLab have been using automation in Campaign Monitor to grow their business... And had results. Like, $120,000 in revenue results. For a look at their email campaigns, strategy and results, take a look at our case study with ConversionLab. For one, I love how elegant their emails are!

Your turn: How are you using welcome emails, workflows and more to bring site visitors back? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments.

kairav22, 1 year ago

hmm, gotta read this one.

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