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Hi Campaign Monitor folks,

you integrated "Edit and Resend" part into "Sent Campaign Reports" list as "Duplicate and edit this campaign" button, but now I missing link/button to Preview sent campaign I used before to decide which campaign I duplicate, edit and then send. Can you put this option, now maybe as button, back?

Thank you.

Mathew Mathew, 2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion Dedra, I can see how that could save you a step and I'll pass it on to the product team. We moved that feature to make it more easily findable, as a lot of people hadn't been able to easily find it in the past.

For now though, the best option would be to click on the campaign name to go to the report, then click view to see the campaign.

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dedra dedra, 2 years ago

Thanks Mathew to pass my suggestion to product team and save my step.

Sure, option to open one by one report and on each click view in one new window maybe best. But my steps before be simplest. I open Edit and Resend page, here I open few last previews each in new tab and decide for example I duplicate third campaign back, because in new campaign few links on image banners be the same (some action offers we repeated or simply we want to inform our customers, that some time-limited action offer will end soon) and then I replace these images and completelly replace other image banners, add new links, change campaign name and subject, and after check preview by my superiors, I send it.

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