Need help cleaning up custom html template

I designed a custom html template to use with the Campaign Monitor API - on the backend everything is working just fine but the email is displaying all bonkers in outlook (2007-current). I assume that it is something to do with how I did the inline styles or nested tables.

I'm looking for someone who is experienced troubleshooting display issues, specifically with Outlook.

Here is a link to a screenshot to what our template should look like:

And here is a link to what it looks like in Outlook:

Any suggestions on someone who could help me would be much appreciated.

GavinK, 2 years ago

Hey There and thanks very much for the post rfair404. Sorry for the problems you're having with Outlook here.

I'm absolutely sure you'll find someone to help you with this and our 'Find a Designer' forum will be good resource for you I'm sure, here's a link

This coding guide may be of some assistance with this issue too.

Good luck with your search and thanks again

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