Reseller - client accounts are able click back to Campaign Monitor URL

As a reseller I am paranoid that my clients whom are somewhat techie can figure out they may be on a white label platform easily by two obvious entry points within the "templates" link.

1 - Under Template / Import = "see the documentation for design your own templates" to the right links directly to a new window with the following url:

This is an issue.

2 - Under Template / "Want to design your own templates? With a few simple tags you can turn any web page into a reusable email template for you and your clients. Check out our template language" button
directs to a new window with the following url:

As a white label reseller I would not want my clients to come across obvious links that otherwise take them to the campaign monitor url

please advise on how this can be fixed

Tashie, 2 years ago

Hey Newbee

Tash from the support team here :)

The administrator view is quite different to how the app is displayed for a client person. We certainly wouldn't make any mention of Campaign Monitor within the client view.

I've responded to your email also. Just get in touch if you have other concerns!

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