Default link for image

I should know the answer to this but is it possible to have an <img editable="true" /> that has a default link applied to it? The idea is that the newsletter can be used for a sister company that has different social media links but if not it defaults to the main social links. Weird request I know.

ericam ericam, 2 years ago

Hey, Bob!

Erica here, from the support team. Thanks for getting in touch!

If I am understanding what you're trying to do, you *can* achieve this by wrapping an anchor around the editable image. However, we don't recommend doing this because things can become messy if you're then changing the URL via the editor, which it sounds like you want to do.

We would have to recommend changing the URL, on a per campaign basis, using the editor and not using a default link or the editable image.

If this is not what you were asking, please do let us know. I want to make sure you get your answer. Have a good one, Bob! :)

// Erica M | Support Agent

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