Trigger an Automation email for customers manually added to a list

I have a list and I want to send an email to any customer who is added to that list, once when they are first added and then again X days later. Everyone added to that list is done so through an csv import once a week.

It would seem the only way to trigger a workflow is by manually adding a date to the imported data and setting the trigger against this. Which would work ok but bound to cause issues if anyone gets the dates slightly wrong (ie, confused with timezones etc). Doesn't seem a very reliable and safe way to set this up.

I believe I could use the API but that would obvious require future development work and if requirements chance more development work. Less than ideal while trialling new ideas for workflows.

Which leaves the obvious, triggering on the subscription date - which works if someone is added through a form or API but seems invisible if imported using the simple and easy to use CSV import. Am I right in thinking this is correct and if so can someone at CM explain the reasoning why manually importing customer data is treated like this?

paulw paulw, 2 years ago

Hey Rob!

Thanks for posting in the forums, this is a great question! You're right, it would be great if we could trigger automated emails when importing a CSV file. I've gone ahead and added a vote for you for an option to be added when importing that would help out here. If we're able to go ahead with that in future, we'll be able to let you know.

I definitely understand your concerns about using a date based automated email instead. I am very happy to help out with some tips on how to set that up using the API. The API can be used on an ad hoc basis to some extent and it's possible to input subscribers with only a limited amount of development work. It's possible to use a tool like Postman to operate the API with a limited amount of development work. If that could be an option for you, please feel free to contact support and we can help out :)

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robclaisse, 2 years ago

Thanks Paul. I've taken a look at Postman and it looks like a great bit of software, something I'll use myself in our API testing, so thanks for that but I'm not sure its gonna be the best option here. The person running this project is not technical (and working remotely) and even if I set everything up in postman and teach them the few things they need to do each week, its still quite intimidating - its not really a general user kind of app. I can just see it resulting in me running having to run it or endless support for me!

As you can see this is why I was hoping to be able to just use CM seeing as your app is meant for the everyday user.

Can I just re-iterate a question/point from my original post. Partly out of interest, partly to see whether this is something that is technical complex to implement and therefore less like to appear anytime soon - what is the reason a trigger can't be activated on the subscriber date for CSV imports? the reason I ask is that you have a mechanism to triggering a workflow for CSV imports for dates that we enter, as part of the CSV data, and I can't see a reason why a user supplied date and the subscriber data would be fundamentally different in such a way that a trigger could not act on either? I'm just intrigued to know why this function is missing - was it just an oversight? Or is there some technical issue which makes this more than a trivial extension of what you already have?

Sorry for being so inquisitive but slightly mystified and am curious :-) Feel free to tell me its not something you can divulge!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

Hi Rob, sorry about the late response here - and no problem being so inquisitive, that's a good thing! The truth is that there are instances when someone may import a list and not want subscribers to be added to a workflow; that said, it's also possible that we will add this option at a later date, especially as email automation evolves in the app.

I've added your vote for this internally and will keep this thread posted as we continue to build out our service. Thank you so much for bringing this to light, robclaisse!

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