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I read an old post from 7 years ago discussion personalisation in the web version of mailings and that it is not supported.

Question is whether this is still the case and if so, anyway to overwrite it?

We have some mailings we want to send and offer translation with Google Translate but they won't work without personalisation as it offers specific vouchers and personalisation that means the emails won't make any sense with out.

The previous reason for not including personalisation in the web version was due to personal information being available on the public web and possible issues with google indexing these pages. I think this is a valid issue but one that isn't always relevent to some clients and could be worked around with some additional mailing preferences:
# First make it opt in when creating a campaign.
# Secondly allow us to have the web versions only have personalisation for a period of time (user definable) so after X days/weeks/months the personalised content is not included in the mailings or the web version is simply not available.
# Ensure all web versions, with personalisations, hosted on the CM domain are set to not be indexed by search engines.

For some of us the personalisation information in the emails is just not private and even if someone, did get the page it won't matter. Therefore it would be great to have the option to have this feature. Interested to know what CM think.

paulw paulw, 2 years ago

Hi Rob,

Thanks for posting in the forums! All web versions generated by the Campaign Monitor system will include personalisation for those recipients. However, at the moment, the version shown in the preview tests, don't include any personalisation, I'm afraid.

If you send a quick email to less than 5 recipients and include some personalisation, you should see that come through in the web versions of those campaigns.

Hope that helps clarify this! Thanks again :)

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robclaisse, 2 years ago

Hey Paul,

Thats great to hear. Will test it out with a real "test" group of recipients.

Be great if you could not this somewhere (though guess this post can now be found by people with the same issue). The only thing I could found about this was this post from 2007:

Can't see anything else on your site that mentions the web versions don't work int he test phase - makes sense now you say it but wasted a lot of time thinking how to get round this so would have been good it if it was just noted her:



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