Width problem in iPad ios8

I have 2 templates that are almost identical.
The width of this templates is 674px. The templates are fluid.

In the first template on iPad the width is changing, and the template is not aligned centered.
image 1

This is the second template image 2.

I've tested with litmus, but it is not 100% accurate.
If I add an empty table with 3 columns at the end of the newsletter in litmus the template is ok, but on iPad is not.

I think the problem has something to do with the layout (number of tables, rows, height). The html is 100% correct, all tags are closed.

Let me know if you've seen this problem before and please give me a fix.

I can't post the template's source code, but if you need it I'll make a similar one.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

Hi Aditza, I suspect there's some content lower down in the email that's causing the left-hand margin to collapse. Usually it's something like text, where it's not wrapping properly and forcing a column to be wider than anticipated.

I understand that you might not be able to post the code, but would it be possible for you to post a similar template with this issue? Preferably with text :)

Many thanks - I hope we can solve this together!

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Aditza, 2 years ago

Hi Rosanne,

Here is the template - http://xsk.ro/m.zip
It is the exact template, but I've used image placeholders and I've changed the urls.

I've tested on iPad 4. I can't test on other iPads to tell you if this problem is on all iPads.
You may want to remove the indentation when you send the newsletter.
Also do not use Litmus to test because it gives you false results.

Let me know if it is necessary to explain the code.


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