Reply to address ignored by autoresponders?

Not exactly a bug more of a question, but one of my clients has noticed that they are sending out a campaign with their main sales address, but then opting to change the reply to address. This works fine apart from the fact they receive loads of autoresponder emails to the sales address rather than the reply to one!

I presume this is because the way autoresponders work and they don't recognise the reply to address?

Any ideas?

paulw paulw, 2 years ago

Hey Justin, thanks for posting in the forums :) That's right, many email programs send out of office replies to the send from address instead of the reply to address. It is definitely frustrating, but I'm afraid there isn't a way to control how that works from the sender end.

The best advice we can provide is to create a specific email address to be used as the send from and reply to address, which is monitored, but isn't used by someone as their day to day address. We have some great advice on managing out of office replies in this blog post.

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