I'm currently exploring the API possibilities to fully deploy an application within FileMaker. I'm using Curl with JSON. Retrieving data is really fast (thanks to the Monkey Bread plugin ). But as soon as I'm trying this:


It returns something like this:

{"Code":404,"Message":"We couldn't find the resource you're looking for. Please check the documentation and try again"}

Any thoughts on what is going wrong?

Phil Phil, 2 years ago

Hi elmystica,

The setbasics endpoint requires a PUT http verb.

Some libraries will only support GET and POST as out of the box behaviour, and require you do to do something a bit special to make PUT work.

It looks like with Monkey Bread has CURL.SetOptionCustomRequest to make this possible:

They provide an example down the bottom with DELETE, and modifying that a bit, you probably want something like this (depending on what your handle is called):

MBS( "CURL.SetOptionCustomRequest"; $curl; "PUT" )

Disclaimer: i'm cobbling this together from a google search, and have never used FileMaker or specifically Monkey Bread. So take this with a massive grain of salt. But i hope it helps :)

elmystica, 2 years ago

Thanks, that did the trick!

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