Issue with receipt of emails

Hi. A friend of mine is not receiving the emails I send from Campaign Monitor. Does anyone have any ideas why? Please note...

1. She has checked her spam file and they're not going there.

2. I can send emails from the same email address in Gmail and she receives them.

3. She is not on the suppression list. Also, her name does not come up as bounced when I send an email. I have also deleted her email from the list and re-added it.

4. This also happens when I nominate her address to send a test email to. Not just when I send an email to her as part of the list.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

balthazar balthazar, 2 years ago

Hello Wayne! More than likely the emails are being filtered at the server level and not sent along to her inbox. If you'd like to write in to support ( and tell us her email address we can send you some mail logs. She could then pass those on to her IT folks and they could track down the emails and see what's happened on their end.

wayneiac, 2 years ago

Thanks a lot Balthazar. I'll do that.

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