Making templates like those in gallery with eg. 'Add Layout', Logo etc

Hi guys
We are currently creating a custom template, based on the Slate one in the gallery.

We're able to add <layouts>, <repeater> etc. but are wondering how we get the extra features available in the campaing template editor screen - for example:
- the logo tab with the sizeable dragbar?
- the 'Add layout' button in the campaign editing screen (instead we just see the old, small button (edit,trashcan,'Add new').
- the spacer button.

Unfortunately it no longer looks like we can export a gallery template (to get the template code, not the processed HTML), so we can't see what's in the Slate template to see how you achieved these features. They're great for usability when creating a campaign, but we're unable to find a way in the documentation on how to add them - are they actually things a template editor can use themselves or are they something privy only to CM designers, meaning we're just stuck with the tags in the documentation (<layout>, <image> etc)? Forgive me if they're somewhere in the doc, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.


balthazar balthazar, 2 years ago

Hey Justin! Sorry for the confusion around custom templates. Only the templates we've created will be able to use the new email builder interface, I'm afraid. You'll still want to use the template tags we detail here for your custom templates. I know it would be nice to be able to create your own templates with the new tools, though, and I've added a vote for you to a feature request we have for that :)

blad, 2 years ago

Thanks Balthazar - I now know what I've got to work with, but it would be a great feature to allow users to replicate in their templates: the stock templates are very nice to use with the 'add space' and 'add layout' functions etc.

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