Editing campaigns - editor picking up wrong template/images?

Hi Guys

I'm experiencing an odd problem with using a template when editing a campaign.

I upload a template and .zip image file OK, then use this template against my campaign (Change Template).

However, when I edit the campaign, I'm seeing images out of order - namely the logo has been replaced by the next image in the campaign (along with the alt text).

But...when I click 'Use this template' to change it, the preview in the box (and clicking the template to see the preview) is correct ie. with the logo image at the top. There are numerous other 'out of order' issue with the template, but the logo is the most obvious.

It looks like perhaps some kind of syncing problem?

Can you shed any light on this?

(under my profile, I'm trying to use Luone Template v4, and the campaign is 'Test New Template 4')


paulw paulw, 2 years ago

Hi Justin,

Thank you for posting in the forums and sorry about the trouble here. I had a look in your account and can see that the problem stems from the fact that your new updated template includes many more editable areas than the previous template. When you swap the template, the system attempts to place the existing content in the same order, however because you have added additional editable sections, the system doesn't have a way to know exactly where to place the content. When I create a brand new campaign using the template, all of the images are in the correct location. The only way round this is to edit your template once again and ensure that the number and order of the editable sections matches the older template.

Sorry again for the hassle here, feel free to drop an email to support if you run into further problems.

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blad, 2 years ago

Hi Paul

Thanks for the tips: yes, as you say the new template had additional editable sections.
So, the solution is to simply make a new campaign (there was nothing particularly specifc in the one we'd made) - as you had done with 'Test' which picks up the fields fine.

The problem looks like it could potentially occur often, but although I looked through the forums, I couldn't find any relevant postings. Hopefully this post will guide people if they run into the same issue.

Thanks again Paul for the response and the solution to this issue.


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